Robert Romo

Robert is the head trainer at Doggywood and has been training dogs for over 14 years.

Robert has always had a love and passion for training dogs. His first professional experience was in the U.S. Navy where he voluntarily trained military dogs. Upon completing active duty he studied under master trainer James Salva, who himself studied under the renowned Jack Healy. Robert achieved his professional certification from the U.S. K9 Academy in 1998 . While Robert was perfecting his craft, he worked as a Special Education Assistant for the LAUSD. It was at that time when he started incorporating a method that involved less physical correction, and focused more on psychology ; a method that he still employs today.

Robert has been the head trainer at well known facilities including, but not limited to, Paradise Ranch and Camp Happy Dog.  He has successfully trained hundreds of dogs ranging from Terriers to Great Danes, and specializes in socializing both agressive and timid dogs. He has trained dogs for rescue groups such as: Southern California Lab Rescue,  Indy Rescue, C.A.R.E and currently trains and competes in AKC.

 Robert firmly believes that all dogs can be trained, no matter the situation; All dogs are able to be rehabilitated.


Robert’s Experience

August 16th,1998 – received United State K-9 Academy Certification.

1999 – became an AKC Certified Handler

1999-2001 – worked as the head trainer and staff manager at Paradise Ranch a country club for dogs!

2001-2002 – worked as the head trainer and general manager at Camp Happy Dog.

2002 – present – Founded Doggywood, which he continues to operate to this day