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All training done by trainers Robert, Steven, and Sunny Romo

Puppy Training - under 6 months

 This includes heel, sit, stay, down & come as well as house breaking, house manners, and socialization. All training is guaranteed on the leash. Prices

  • $60 per night
  • $450 per week
  • $1800 per month

Potty Training

price: $300 per week

Off Leash Obedience

 7-8 weeks in kennel or 10-12 weeks at home. Prior training is required or we can do both basic and advanced at a discounted rate. We cover all basic commands plus any behavioral issues. We begin on the leash and then make a gradual change to off leash obedience. Price: Off-leash training is $1800 unless basic obedience has been done with Doggywood, then it’s $900.


 Length varies by aggression. This includes socialization and what we cover depends on your particular case. Prices

  • $85 per night
  • $650 per week
  • $2,600 per full package. Rates may vary depending on the level of aggression.

Personal Protection

In order to enroll your dog in this program the following is required: basic obedience, advanced obedience , and a dog evaluation. Price: $150 per session or $400 per week.

Coaching Pet Owner

  We’ll teach you to train your dog yourself

Show Handling

Includes grooming, showing, and transportation. Price: $500 per show per dog
Food, Bedding, and Boarding included for in kennel training Note, some dogs require 2 months of bootcamp. The second month is $1000. Home lessons are available between 10am to 2pm unless scheduled on the ranch.